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SWIM-Spread Wisdom

Unlock the power of wisdom for a healthier Earth and humanity with 'WISE ME,' the revolutionary NFT Play-To-Earn game for toddlers and parents that combines Gaming-Earning-Learning. #spreadwisdom.

Gaming - Learning - Earning 

"The Future of Wise and Conscious Utilities."

A Wise Today is a
Sustainable Tomorrow 

Spread wisdom to "Join the first-ever community of wise utilities on a decentralised network to promote wisdom for the benefit of future generations and a healthier Earth."

The 1.3 million+ community of SS  is dedicated to spreading wisdom.

The first-ever NFT wise investment game for toddlers.

In alignment with the United Nations Sustainable development Goals.

Constructing a wise protocol to cultivate a wise-conscious ecosystem.

Establishing the first-ever Wise Community Metaverse to improve earth-health and well-being.

The Future of Wise Decentralisation 



The World’s 1st Wisdom Utility  
Platform That Offers Rewards

Spread wisdom to "Join the first-ever community of wise utilities on a decentralised network to promote wisdom for the benefit of future generations and a healthier Earth."




To cultivate a wise ecosystem that promotes the sharing of knowledge about human well-being and the improvement of the earth's health.


To empower and engage users by incentivising them with rewards and incentives created by a world-class team of researchers and quantitative experts in the blockchain and gaming industry.


To create a future generation of wiser, environmentally conscious entrepreneurs through the 'WISEME' SWIM Toddlers gaming app alongside other futuristic innovations", 

Proof Of Wisdom

Utlising our innovative wise consensus algorithm based on the unique "Proof of Wisdom" to prevent the failure of DAOs and  bringing together the existing community of over 1.3 million "Wise-ards".

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First  Ever Toddler's/Parent 
"WISEME" Play-To-Earn NFT Rewards Game.

"Shaping the Future: Fostering a Generation of Wiser, Green Entrepreneurs for a Healthier Planet and a Better Society.


User Engagement 


  • Building and linking the meta world to the real world.

  • Special rewards of NFT (sunft) when the user uses the metaverse in a natural or outdoor setting as opposed to a closed indoor space.

  • Developing a special solar-powered rechargeable augmented reality headset.

  • Introducing a self-sustaining AI metaverse with a universal vibrational dimension technology unlike anything previously seen.


  • Innovating the toddler gaming industry.

  • Parents  Save Rewards as toddlers task are completed.

  • Turning screen time for children into wise Zoonft.

  • Introducing the first-ever kids NFT to digital gold conversion on the safest blockchain network protocols for wise utilisation of NFT

  • Providing extra rewards for parents who spend time with their children in nature, nurturing the environment.

  • Offering special family rewards for using recyclable, environmentally friendly products for kids and inspiring children to do the same.

First-Ever Wise Consensus Algorithm Based On The Unique  'Proof Of Wisdom'.

A wise consensus algorithm based on proof of wisdom is definitely more effective and secure than traditional consensus algorithms, as it would involve the use of knowledge and expertise as a key factor in determining the validity of transactions or actions.

Our Unique Wisdom Model

Wisdom (Pragnya - प्रज्ञा) is often defined as “the quality of having experience, knowledge, and common sense. More generally today, wisdom can be defined as the use of stored knowledge to create an understanding of humanity, human society, and its environment to guide one's actions and improve one's life She is more than just cumulative knowledge.


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Our Commitment  100% 'Proof Of Reserves'


Existing wise community of 13,00,000 +  On the Spread Wisdom Networks.

Unlocks VIP access to the  SWIM  Utilities.

World-class development team backed by Quant developers,Sustainable BlockChains  & VC investors.

Being a part of the wise community on decentralised networks can contribute to a long-lasting, earth-healthy wise consensus.

Engagement Via various utility rewards and NFT's with the potential to create millions of user engagements by offering a unique Wise Consensus and by Spreading Wisdom.

Potential 'WISEME TODDLER APP' Tie up with Thousands of play schools and primary schools.

Proceeding down the avenue of disseminating knowledge with a WISE community
and carving a fresh path towards enlightenment.

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IEO & Listing Soon On

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Team Of 'Wise-ards'

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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Sadhguru Sadupdesh


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The World Needs More Wise People.

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